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Compensation for the indirect costs of EU emissions trading system 2017

A new subsidy scheme will be introduced in Finland, under which certain industrial sectors will receive compensation for the higher electricity prices arising from EU emissions trading. Companies can submit first subsidy applications this year on the basis of the electricity consumption figures for 2016. As the authority responsible for managing the subsidy scheme, the Energy Authority will process the subsidy applications and decide on granting and paying the subsidies.

The following sectors and subsectors are eligible for the subsidy:

Submission deadlines for the applications

Applications must be submitted to the Energy Authority no later than 30th April in the year after reporting year.

Deadline for submitting applications concerning reporting year 2016 has expired. The submission of applications was closed on 30th September 2017.

The compensation granted is based on the electricity consumption of the applicant, which will be assessed on the basis of the production process or the electricity consumption arising from the production process. The information required for the application must be verified by an independent verifier and the verifier must be approved by the Energy Authority.

Provisions on the compensation for the indirect costs of EU emissions trading system are contained in the act 138/2017, which will be supplemented with a decree at a later date. The European Commission approved the subsidy scheme on 5 April 2017 (SA.44378). The ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment will finalize the legislation during the spring.

The Energy Authority will provide more details of the prerequisites concerning the application and granting of the subsidy and the process timetable on its website at energiavirasto.fi/kompensaatiotuki and on bulletins.

Questions and enquiries concerning the compensation subsidy can be sent to: kompensaatiotuki@energiavirasto.fi


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