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Energy Authority

The Energy Authority enforces Finnish and European energy and climate policy. We perform our task by supervising and promoting the operation of the energy market and fulfilment of climate targets.

Our vision for 2022 – We are an evolving, progressive and respected authority

  • The Energy Authority is a continuously evolving customer-oriented authority with advanced operating methods. The Energy Authority is also an active body of social significance.
  • It plays a major role in the functioning of the energy market and fulfilment of climate targets.

Our strategic targets – The energy market works and climate targets are fulfilled

  • The electricity and gas markets operate effectively, allowing high security of supply as well as reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Climate targets are fulfilled cost-efficiently with the help of emissions trading, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our critical success factors – Our employees and way of working

  • Competent, service-oriented and committed employees with a desire for development who actively discuss and influence issues both in Finland and globally.
  • Target-oriented, efficient and modern ways of working.

Our values – Everything we do is guided by four principles

  • Openness
  • Justice
  • Focusing on the essential
  • Working for the common good